The Signature Room Chicago Drink MenuLocated on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Tower the views are awesome and the drinks are poured. When touring Chicago, it’s an easy choice to make… Do the observation deck for $23 on the 94th floor or… Get a drink on the 96th floor for a couple dollars less. I mean come on! Is there even a reason why you would wait?

For the bar, there was a decent selection of bourbons, whiskeys and those other liquors we don’t talk about. The cocktail menu was good but didn’t stand out. The service was fast but not overly friendly. Let’s face it… they know they have you for the view.


Signature Lounge Chicago View



Drink on the 96th floor or just look from the 94th? Come on!

5 Stars if Just for the View

Great view, that’s worth 5 stars because you get a cocktail and a view for less than the price of just going up looking.



The view, the view, the view, the view. You get 5 stars just for that


Pricey drinks but the view makes you forget about that

Staff was just OK, not overly friendly


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