While down at the pier in Seattle we stopped by Copperworks Distilling Company for a quick tasting. Copperworks is an urban distillery offering a Washington Malt Vodka, Small Batch Gin, Cask Finished Gin and finally… a Single Malt Whiskey. Their Single Malt Whiskey is aged 33 months and surprisingly, it doesn’t taste it. I would have assumed it was aged 4 years or more. It’s smooth, has aromas of fresh leather and spices and a finish of tea and light citrus.

Copperworks Distilling Company - Seattle

All of the stills are in plain site of the tasting room and at this time, tours are $15. I recommend doing the tasting of all 4 spirits for $10 (free if you buy a bottle).

Copperworks Distilling Tour Still

Copperworks Distilling

The tasting turned me off at first since I’m not a huge vodka fan and normally can’t stand gin but the Cask Finished Gin was actually awesome! The botanicals weren’t overwhelming like cleaning products and it was really smooth going down.

Nice Urban Distillery in Seattle

Place Name: Copperworks Distilling Company - Seattle

Place Description: Copperworks Distilling Company 1250 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101

Copperworks Distilling Company - Seattle

Great place to get away for a tasting while at the pier



Nice Room

Great Staff

Good place to get away from tourist


Only 1 Whiskey


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