It’s summertime and that mean’s fresh peaches that this sentence means that I now have “Peaches” from the Presidents of the Unites States of America ringing inside my head. But I digress… Peaches means it’s time to go down to the farmers market for a visit to the Peach Truck where a version of this recipe originally appeared.

Now that we have the delicious, yummy peaches it’s time to slice them up and throw them into a jar with some other ingredient. I normally use 4-5 peaches per batch, it all just depends on how peachy you want it.

From there it’s time for the sugar, I like to use brown sugar. Sure… you can use regular white sugar but it just doesn’t blend as nicely in my opinion. then throw in a couple of star anise and 4-5 all spice berries. I then like to top it off with a little bit of honey.

Sugar and peaches for peach infused bourbon

next up… After trying several different versions, I like to use a nice a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon. Not too expensive so that you think you’re wasting good bourbon but still something you enjoy sipping.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Now’s the hard part. After you have everything together, it’s time to say goodbye for a while and you have to wait. Just like we had to wait for the bourbon to age, now we have to wait for it to become the yummy peach bourbon we are yearning for. Store it in a cool, dark place for 7-14 days.

Peach infused bourbon

Stop it! It’s only been a couple of days, it’s not ready yet! You can shake it up but don’t open!

OK, Now that it’s been 7-14 days you’re ready to open it. You’ll need to strain out all the goodness from the peaches. You can use cheesecloth or strainer, your choice of if you want pulp or not. Try the leftover peaches. You may like it, personally I do not. I prefer to mash the peaches to get every ounce of my bourbon back! I’m stingy like that! I then strain what’s left of that into a new, airtight bottle. This will keep everything fresh for over a year.

Once done, it’s time to chill and enjoy! Want more peaches? Try our Peach Simple Syrup recipe or a Peach Old Fashioned! Share your experiences!

Peach Infused Bourbon Recipe

1 Bottle Bourbon
4-5 Peaches
2 tsp of Brown Sugar
2-4 Star Anise
2-4 Allspice Berries
2 tsp of Honey

Peach Infused Bourbon Recipe
Peach Infused Bourbon

Recipe Name: Peach Infused Bourbon Recipe

Author: Wags and Whiskey

Recipe Ingredients: 1 Bottle Bourbon, 4-5 Peaches, 2 tsp of Brown Sugar, 2-4 Star Anise, 2-4 Allspice Berries, 2 tsp of Honey

Recipe Instructions: Add all ingredients into an air tight jar. Let sit for 7-14 days in the dark. Strain and enjoy!

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